Welcome! My name is Daniele Besana, founder of WP-OK.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 6.45.59 PMSince I was a kid, my passion for LEGO showed my real nature: I am a techie.

After a career of 15 years in IT security, from a village in the north of Italy to The Netherlands working for a top company, I decided to start my own company is 2012.

Focusing on what I love the most: the web and solving problems.

Working as a WordPress freelancer I got in touch with many small companies that were tired of bad services and the so called  ‘experts’, and are looking for a quick and professional service for their websites.

This inspired me to create WP-OK: the quick, professional and affordable solution to having a WordPress site that is always OK!

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Thank you!

Daniele Besana, WP-OK Founder

Team WP-OK

WP-OK is a team of experts that work remotely and independently. We strongly believe that this is the best way to structure a modern company, focused on providing high-quality services and keeping the costs affordable.


Giacomo Genito

Giacomo Genito WP-OKMy passion for the web started in 2008.

I started with website development for small companies and professionals.
Since then I focused on WordPress, with collaborations with other professionals and web agencies.

Admin of the Facebook group WordPress Italia, today I’m specialized in technical support and problem solving for any kind of user.


Simone Icardi

SimoneI entered the world of web in 2000.
The scene of course was very different than nowadays. For example there was no Facebook, and Google was just one of the search engines available. Besides, websites were static with tables and maybe some flash animations.

I experienced that, and up till now my passion grew with the same speed with wich technology and Internet is evolving.

My goal is to enjoy doing very well my job, keeping the right balance with my private life.


Enrico Maggiolo

EnricoI got passionate about web dynamics in 2003, the year when eBay became popular in Italy. Since then, my career has changed a lot and now I’m specialized in landing pages, member area and everything about OptimizePress, one of the best tools to build sale pages.

Today I collaborate with different companies to optimize their pages and grow their online projects.

Curiosity and willingness to learn something new every day are fuelling me!