Last Update: 31 October 2016.

This document defines the terms of use of website.
Before start using WP-OK services, you are required to read and accept these Terms of Service. By using WP-OK services you accept these terms that may be updated or changed at sole discretion of WP-OK. If you don’t agree to the current Terms, you are not able to use our services as you are not allowed to authorize.

Terms of Adoption

Please, before using our services, read carefully and attentively these Terms of Service. Current Terms and our Privacy Policy define our relations with you according to website. You are agreeing to be restricted to these Terms by getting access to, viewing any content or using any services available on the website.

Description Of WP-OK Services is online service that offers maintenance WordPress websites. We can offer you automatically off-site backups of your website’s files, database, documents, audio, video, images and other content; full restoration of your website; installation and updates of WordPress core; plugin and theme updates; plugin and theme fixing; 24/7 security monitoring; removal of WordPress login problems; we also restore hacked websites. You may not get access to your account when we do updating works on, running malware equipment or repair of website, or by any reasons that are not under WP-OK control. WP-OK keeps the right to interrupt or determine availability of the whole site or any services on the site without informing about such actions.

Registration Process

One of required conditions of using our Terms of Service is creating your personal account on by choosing username, password and submitting registration form. All your personal data should be true and relevant for the current moment (admit, that you may not use as your username the name of other person or trademark that belongs to another person; you also may not use offensive or obscene words – this will be thoroughly checked by our administrators), in other case it is considered that these Terms of Service are being violated and this may cause an extinction of your account.
Don’t share your account information to anyone, as you are solely responsible for security and confidentiality of your account. If you detect any attempt of breaching your account, please, immediately connect us and inform about that.
Services are available only to legal organizations and individuals 18+ years old.

Payment Procedure

You are agreeing to pay for our services, taking to attention the fact WP-OK will charge your payment method for any services purchased including additional amounts such as taxes or late fees. You are responsible for well-timed payments and for informing WP-OK about a valid method of all fees payments. Billing will include only price of our product – no any extra payments, such as taxes, will be required (the tax or additional fee will be charged only when services are taxable).
Prices for our services may be changed at WP-OK’s sole and exclusive discretion at any time without notifying you. Admit that we don’t refund any of your money in case if prices to our services has decreased or some stocks are being provided after making your payment.

Release and indemnity

Release and indemnity will affect your legal rights and liabilities. Upon using WP-OK products/services, you agree that you are using it responsibly and at your own risk. In consideration for your use of one or more of services, you hereby release and forever discharge WP-OK from any and all causes of actions relating to your use of services and products. WP-OK assumes no responsibility for any damages or expenses that are sustained or incurred as a result of the use of one or more of the services.

Restriction of Responsibility

WP-OK company does not assume any responsibility for your actions on website. The sole way for you to recompense any loss or damage of your account information, payments etc., and our sole liability is to cancel your subscription by discontinuing of providing our services to you after you give us written notification of determination.

Intellectual Property Rights

All design, headers, button styles, icons, site code, logos, banners etc. are an exclusive intellectual property of WP-OK company. Thereby, the content of website may be used by third parties the sole way: providing applicable links to WP-OK website. Otherwise, intellectual property of WP-OK company may not be used due to any other services or products without preliminary written agreement of WP-OK company.

Getting SUPPORT by WP-OK Company

For your support requests to be received, handled and responded in a short period of time, you must realize them in correct ways and they must contain appropriate categories. To make your support request please email us at and we answer you as soon as it is possible.
Your support requests will be successfully resolved if they contain the following issues:

  • CSS, Javascript, HTML, php (design, optimization, troubleshooting etc.);
  • Creating graphic elements of your WordPress website (buttons, styles, images, banners, logos etc.);
  • Optimization of your WordPress website content;
  • WordPress advice and consultations;
  • Backups of your WordPress website’s files, database, documents, audio, video, images and other content;
  • Remotely restorage of your WordPress website;
  • Installation and updates of WordPress core;
  • WordPress plugin and theme installing, fixing and updating;
  • Malware monitoring and cleaning your WordPress website;
  • Removal of wordpress login problems:
  • Restore hacked wordpress website;
  • Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress website.

WP-OK Company provides maintenance of your WordPress website, but does not guarantee any time period or limit when exactly your support request will be responded.
If you are not sure whether your support request concerns any of the above-listed topics, submit us a ticket and we accept or decline it depending on its’ correspondence to our criteria and answer you with respective substantiations.

We don’t create new websites, custom wordpress plugins or themes, we also don’t make website redesign.

Discontinuing or Cancelling

You may cancel working with us at any moment as you are not locked to a contract. If happens that you are not satisfied with our service, please inform us and give us your feedback – this way we will know what we can do better for you.
WP-OK company may terminate its’ services for you and/or limit or shut down your account without notifying you or explaining any reasons in case if you are violating the Terms of Service.
If you want to discontinue your account on website, you must make your Request of Termination – to do that you may contact us by the Contact Form or by creating a ticket.

Terms changes and updates

WP-OK reserves the right, at its own discretion, to change, update or replace current Terms of Service at any moment by posting an announcement about such actions on the website. Viewing any content of following notification about changed/modified Terms means that you accept modified Terms.


WP-OK shall not be liable for a failure to perform its obligations hereunder in full or in part caused by electronic, mechanical faults, failure of communication and/or other force majeure circumstances which occurred beyond WP-OK’s reasonable control.
WP-OK may transfer, assign or delegate the Terms and its rights and obligations without your consent. Both parties agree that the Terms is the complete and exclusive statement of the mutual understanding of the parties.


For any inquire or comment to this document, please send an email to or by mail to:
Pieter Langendijkstraat 33-4
1054XX Amsterdam