Is your website OK?

Find out with our Video Check-Up

We often notice errors and problems a website owner like you is not aware of.

Or we see improvement opportunities that can greatly impact your results.

Do you want to know your website's problems and opportunities?

  • Error-free website

    Catch any error or problems that are limiting the effectiveness of your site.

  • No missed opportunities

    Improve your online project by taking advantage of all the opportunities.

What is the Video Check-Up?

When working on customer's websites, we often notice problems or opportunities our clients are unaware of.

That's why we created Video Check-Up, a full health-check service for your web project.

Our expert will record a video-analysis of your site, providing suggestions on how to grow your project.


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How It Works

  • 1

    Buy the service

    After the payment, you will be asked to provide access details needed to get us started.

  • 2


    WP-OK team is working for you, right away.

  • 3

    In 48 hours the video will be ready

    Within two working days, the analysis will be recorded and shared as a private video.

What we Analyze

  • Security

    Is the website protected from threats? Can it be trusted by visitors?

  • Speed

    Is the website fast? Are there bottlenecks that impact the page’s performance?

  • Technical SEO

    Are there any structural problems impacting the indexing and ranking of the site?

  • Mobile

    Is the website optimized and mobile-friendly according to Google’s guidelines?

  • User Experience

    Is the website easy to navigate? Is the communication effective? Is it clear to the visitor?

  • Social

    Are the pages ready to be shared; looking good on social media?

  • Configuration

    WordPress and hosting are the foundations of your web project. Are they properly configured?

  • Plugins

    With over 50,000 plugins available, are you using the right ones to get the best results?

  • Rules

    Have you checked the laws and requirements needed?

  • Personalized Video

    Get a detailed video with the full check-up.

    Discover different tools and plugins you can use to improve and grow your web project… in a simple language – no need to be techie!

How Much Does It Cost?

Video Check-Up for €149



  • q-iconHow many websites can you analyze in a video?

    Video Check-Up is for one WordPress installation. If you have more websites, consider buying multiple Video Check-Up.

  • q-iconDo you need access to my website?

    Yes, to perform the full analysis we require WordPress and hosting access. Your data is treated securely.

  • q-iconDo you solve the problems found?

    Video Check-Up is an analysis. Changes are not included and can be discussed separately. Customers often fix most of the issues themselves.

What Our Customers Say?

I was experiencing annoying problems that my webmaster was unable to solve.

I was very skeptical, I thought Video Check-Up was another service wasting money, but a friend convinced me to give it a try.

I received a 360 degrees consultancy to understand where and how I could improve my website.

Now I have a video that explains things in details and my webmaster can implement them.

Marco Gatti Marco Gatti
Presentazione Animata

It was a very positive experience. Professional, fast, precise. The check-up show my website with attentive eyes.

I discovered very useful free plugins, and I could speed up the website and make it more user friendly.

I recommend this service, thank you WP-OK!

Enrico Mathis Enrico Mathis

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