The WP-OK Team

Let’s get to know each other

Daniele Besana



Throughout my 15-year career in the network security sector, I was lucky to help many different types of customers – from small, family-owned businesses to multinational corporations.

In 2012 I started my own business, looking for new challenges.

I chose to focus on what I enjoy the most: the web and problem-solving.

Working with WordPress as a freelancer, I realized that so many small and medium businesses had been disappointed by bad support experiences and were wasting time and money on websites that didn’t work well.

That’s when I asked myself: why not help small business owners with a professional and efficient support service?

That was the birth of WP-OK, the fast, professional and affordable solution to make sure your WordPress site is… OK!

What do our customers say?

A team of experts available to you

From security to speed optimization: our distributed team helps 200+ businesses each month.


Sales Manager

I’ve always been curious about the inner workings of the incalculable number of websites we visit every day. 

My job is to help you quickly find the best service for your needs


Customer Success

 Customer success and satisfaction are my daily bread, I guide our clients with the aim of always improving their experience with our services

 I love to travel, read and cook, but my greatest passion of all is dogs. In fact, I have two of them!


Content Manager

I work in digital publishing since 2011, writing for magazines and developing editorial strategies in the fields of travel, photography and marketing.

I combine my background in journalism with content marketing and over the years my work has appeared in national and international publications.

Today, I’m WP-OK’s content manager.


Team Leader

My passion for the world wide web dates back to 2008, when I started dedicating myself to the development of websites for individuals and small businesses. Since then, I have focused mainly on the world of WordPress, working with different professionals and companies.

Today I specialize in support and problem-solving for all types of users.


WP support

I started out as a graphic designer but over time I’ve ventured into website development and the study of WordPress.

I specialized in developing themes and plugins for this platform.

I love things that are simple, easy to use but also have a focus on the graphic aspect. I like to study new things and improve myself day by day.


WP support

Born and raised in a small town of Larkana, Pakistan, after completing my BS – Computer Science I started my career in website development in 2012.

I always try to keep myself updated with the latest trends and development in the tech world. 

When I’m not working I watch Anime or read Manga.


WP support

After working on the web for many years I began focusing on WordPress development as a result of the flexibility of the platform. I appreciate its huge popularity as an open platform where many people can contribute with information and products.

Besides web development, in the past few years I’ve been able to offer WordPress support to both clients and agencies.


WP support

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008, following forums and communities where I’ve often had the role of moderator or manager.

Helping others, challenging myself, and offering technical support have helped strengthen my knowledge of this CMS.

I consider the most complex assistance requests as challenges to win together.


WP support

Known by many as “the Einstein of the new millennium” (because of my crazy ideas 😅), I started dealing with website management and IT systems in 2016.

I love dealing with people, solving their problems, and making them happy. I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges that help break my daily routine.


WP support

I met WordPress in 2009, when I move my first steps building blogs and websites.

Since 2014 I develop plugins and themes that are present in the official WordPress directory. I love challenges: they are the best way to grow your knowledge.

How we work


We offer fixed-priced services because we know what we are doing.

We don’t get paid to learn on your website.


Professionalism attracts professionalism. The best customers want the best services

And we want to work with the best customers!


We work with people, not with websites. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness and friendly attitude.

And we appreciate yours.

Focus on your business.

And let us take care of WordPress.

WP-OK is a WordPress and WooCommerce website management service. A team of experts who take care of your site.

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