Slow WordPress?

Page speed is the number one problem for WordPress website owners.

Turbo-charge your online business with our Fast Website service.

  • Are Your Customers Waiting?

    The answer is NO: they don’t wait, they go away.

    Kissmetrics research revealed that “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.“

    A fast website increases conversion rate and improves user experience.

  • Google Loves Faster Websites!

    Google has been saying for years that “the web should be faster.”

    There are more and more indications and studies confirming that page load time is one of the SEO factors that determines the position in search engine page results.

Trust the Experts

There are many factors that can slow down a website: hosting, plugins, page structure, coding errors, etc.

Don't get lost in compression, minification, concatenation, PHP versions, CDN, .htaccess...

Let WP-OK take care of it: an expert is ready to analyze your website and implement reliable solutions that last.

How It Works

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    Buy the 'Fast Website' service

    After the payment, you'll be asked to provide the access details needed to get us started.

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    The WP-OK Team is working for you.

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    In 48 hours you'll have a faster website

    The work will be completed within two working days.


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Fast Website Service

  • Page Optimization

    All the technical details we love: compression, minification, concatenation of HTML, CSS and JS.

  • Image Optimization

    Image compression without quality loss, with the right format for desktop and mobile devices.

  • Cache Premium Plugin

    Setup and configuration of the best premium plugin (value $39) on your site. Chosen after lots of tests, it’s our recommended plugin for quality, speed, and support.

  • Setup CDN CloudFlare

    CloudFlare is an excellent free service that improves both the speed and security of your website. We take care of DNS and optimal setup.

  • Plugin Analysis

    Not all plugins are created the same -some are very heavy. We evaluate which plugins are slowing down your website and see if they can be replaced with better ones.

  • Server Optimization

    The server is the engine of your website. We make sure that it’s configured for your website’s maximum performance.

  • Activity Report

    You’ll love this: we’ll provide a detailed report about the work done on your website.

    The report includes the before and after, and an explanation of the changes that have been done… in a language easy to understand even if you’re not a techie.

Fast Website
  • Page optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Premium cache plugin
  • Setup CDN
  • Plugin analysis
  • Server optimization
  • Database maintenance
  • 7 days of support
  • Activity report

For those who have no time to lose.

Why WP-OK?

The website is much faster now, and the work was done quickly, reliably (despite the holidays!), and with wonderful service. I am really very happy - well invested money!

Katharina Katharina
ReSource Yourself

I didn't know what to do: some visitors were leaving without seeing what I have to offer, because my page didn't load quick enough.

In less than 24 hours one of my funnels increased its revenue by 30%.

 Thanks to WP-OK the page load time decreased from 3 seconds to 1.9 seconds.

Giacomo Freddi Giacomo Freddi

My website was loading very slowly. I had tried everything: make the images smaller, install a caching plugin, and then another one. Nothing seemed to work. And as you know Google punishes slow websites... But then I asked WP-OK to look into it. He made the website very fast. And Google loooves me 🙂 Many thanks WP-OK!

Cor Sandburg Cor Sandburg
Happy Towels

I always thought that a website must be simple, clear, and communicate your message in an effective way. But it's not enough.

In a world where everything moves faster, visitor's attentionspan is a precious asset. That's why it's so important to have a website that loads fast.

When I tried the Fast Website service I wasn't expecting much, but I was stunned to see the homepage loading time going down from 6 to 2 seconds!

Great service, professional, precise. Thanks.

Davide Petucco Davide Petucco

My website became very slow and I had problems with the hosting. WP-OK worked quickly and in a short time my website became faster than before.

I even received a report explaining what has been done and also recommendations to keep the blog fast.

A great and quick service!

Giulia Raciti Giulia Raciti

It's fantastic. Other experts asked us plenty of money for a poor service.

WP-OK reduced our website loading time from 6.7 to 1.6 seconds. Now it's the bomb! The service was fast and impeccable. Thank you!

Andrea Carmine Acconcia Andrea Carmine Acconcia

WP-OK has speeded up my WordPress site providing a service that is professional, quick and extremely friendly.

Loading time went down to less than 3 seconds.

I'm very satisfied by the result, I can only recommend this Team that delivers a great service and quality not easy to find around.

Alessandro De Fazio Alessandro De Fazio

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