WordPress security

Protect your online reputation

Protection against

Malware malicious attacks unwanted accesses

  • Security

    We keep your site secure and constantly monitored to prevent attacks, malware and data loss.

What's included


Secure and reliable backups to the Amazon S3 cloud.

Malware scan

Daily monitoring to detect and clean up any intrusions.

Secure HTTPS protocol

Secure and encrypted communication to ensure privacy.

Constant monitoring

Immediate intervention in case of vulnerability on your site.

Alerts management

We verify reports of attacks or intrusion attempts.

Malware removal

We clean your site before the malware does any damage.

A team of experts

Available for you

With WP-OK you have a team of WordPress experts who take care of your site and all the technical aspects.
Stop worrying about WordPress and start growing your business.

We're certified:


All subscriptions include active, multi-tiered security management.

To ensure internal site protection we install and configure the WordFence plugin, and most importantly receive and manage all alerts on WordFence Central.

To ensure external protection we perform daily security audits to verify:

  • Absence of malware;
  • Vulnerabilities in the theme and plugins installed;
  • Presence in blacklists;
  • Configuration issues.

Our promise is to keep your site safe and secure.

In the unfortunate event that there is a malware problem, such as an unpatched vulnerability, we will clean up the site immediately.

Of course, malware removal is included in TOP and Advanced subscription plans.

You can also purchase the malware removal service if you do not want to subscribe.

Our backup service is fully automated and all backups are securely and reliably saved on the Amazon S3 cloud (with servers in Europe, GDPR compliant).

In case of need, our team is available to quickly solve a problem, assessing whether you need to restore a file, a folder or the whole site.

We use several tools to check the health of your WordPress site.

We check every minute that your site is online, and in case of errors (e.g. 500, 503, gateway timeout) our team is notified within 10 minutes so we can take immediate action.

Focus on your business.

And let us take care of WordPress.

WP-OK is a WordPress and WooCommerce website management service. A team of experts who take care of your site.

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