Victim of a Malware?

You're not alone. Thousands of WordPress sites are attacked and compromised every day.

Don't worry. With your website cleaned and secured you'll be back online soon!

  • Initial Analysis

    Understand where the problem came from and what has been compromised

  • Site Cleanup

    Restore your WordPress site by removing the malware and cleaning corrupted files

  • Site Protected

    Fix the source of the problem, ensuring it won’t come back again

Trust the Experts

Restoring a compromised site requires attention and experience. It’s important to understand what happened and avoid the problem from coming back.

WP-OK offers a fixed-price solution with guaranteed result—or get your money back.

No more quotes, no hourly rates, and no further delays!


How It Works

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    Buy the Malware Removal service

    After the payment, you will be asked to provide access details needed to get us started.

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    WP-OK team is working for you, right away.

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    In 48 hours your website will be better than ever

    All work will be completed within two working days.


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Malware Removal Service

Malware Removal
  • Initial analysis
  • Website cleaning
  • Securing the website
  • Activity Report

Get your site cleaned up!

What our Customers say?

Impeccable and very fast. I requested the Malware Removal service, and soon after my website was back online working. Furthermore, nice people and very helpful.

Stefania Villani Stefania Villani
Unusual Boke Pictures

WP-OK quickly solved an annoying problem caused by a malware on my website, that was opening pop-under windows while browsing.

Extremely helpful in clarifying what has been done and in working towards the final solution. Great!

Gabriele Contilli Gabriele Contilli
Web Marketing Expert

The website was affected by a malware that was redirecting our users to spammy websites. We tried to solve our self, restoring a database backup, but every two/three days the problem was coming back.

The guys at WP-OK has been super efficient and very professional, even if I send my request in the middle of August, and they discovered that the problem was caused by a malware that was adding a script in the database. The solve the problem and also installed two new plugins, monitored the site for a week to make sure the problem wouldn't come back.

Great value for money: you pay for expertise, and you get results. Overall, highly recommended!

Francesca Bianchi Francesca Bianchi
SALT editions

I got attacked by a nasty virus, they solved the problem and quickly.

Gianluigi Leoni Gianluigi Leoni
Viaggio e Vedo

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