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Maestro Libero Case Study

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We’ve often spoken about the importance of website management as a tool to achieve the goals of a digital business. When an effective marketing strategy is combined with technical support for the management and continuous improvement of the WordPress site, the results can be amazing. 

Today we’d like to present the case study of our clients – Maestro Libero – with whom we’ve been working recently. As we were taking care of the maintenance and efficiency of their web pages, Maestro Libero found plenty of time to focus on growth strategies. As a result, within a few months, monthly visits to the site increased dramatically. 

Here’s the story of our work with Maestro Libero.

Free teacher, music education for children and teachers

maestro libero site
Maestro Libero’s website

Maestro Libero is the project of Libero Iannuzzi, a music teacher who has worked with children since 2008. Over the years, he has written books on music education for children that have become bestsellers. Plus, he has specialized in training and consulting for teachers.

Maestro Libero’s website was born in 2017 and collects a variety of teaching materials designed to bring music to schools. Its main function is to act as a showcase for the sale of books and various training services.

Maestro Libero: a constantly evolving site

Libero built the first version of the website using the Wix platform and made all the changes he needed autonomously. However, he soon realized that he needed something more powerful and flexible and switched to WordPress. 

To migrate from Wix to WordPress, Libero hired a professional freelancer who designed a new version of the site and continued to support him with changes and updates after the launch.

The Maestro Libero project is constantly evolving and needs constant support to implement new features in a timely manner. However, the freelancer working with Libero couldn’t always fulfill requests quickly. Choosing the right webmaster plays a major role in a growth strategy. A freelance solution does not always guarantee the right continuity.

Libero realized that it was time to look for a different solution, and that’s where WP-OK came in. 

Unlimited edits and a focus on strategy

Our meeting with Maestro Libero happened thanks to a lucky word of mouth. The client was impressed by our subscription services with fixed monthly costs and decided to sign up for the Relax program. After a few months, Libero switched to the Top plan that gave him access to unlimited edits on the website.

Throughout our collaboration, we worked to improve the performance of various pages and implement some graphic revisions. Libero found what he was looking for – a management service that would ensure changes were implemented in a short and certain time frame, and that would free him from the burden of technical maintenance. 

This allowed him to focus on growing his project and planning the production and publishing of new content.

“Thanks to all the assistance and edits made with WP-OK, the strategy I had in mind came to fruition in no time,” Libero told us.

Maestro Libero: from 1,000 to 100,000 visitors per month within a year

Delegating is always a great way to improve. As a result of our collaboration, Maestro Libero has experienced a growth in traffic that is nothing short of impressive, as this Google Analytics report shows:

The growth of Maestro Libero

Within 12 months the active users on the site have soared. Monthly visits to the site have gone from an average of 1,000 to peaks of 100,000!

Knowing that he could count on timely interventions to modify or improve his project, has given Libero a greater peace of mind to focus on new ideas to present to the public. In conclusion: if you are looking for a partner to help you with the growth of your business, WP-OK’s team is here for you! Contact us and we’ll find the most suitable subscription plan for your project together.

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Founder of WP-OK, web entrepreneur, and ex "support guy". A mix of technical & business knowledge, dedicated to improve the WordPress support experience for small biz.

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